Write exercise 5: Lovely stranger

Writelifting is the writing of a partial or whole story, using five given, random words and a random first sentence.  You write as long as you feel the need, or you have used all of the words.

First sentence: He was stunned – the stranger in front of him looked exactly like the girl he’d been dreaming about
Words to use: dreamsuccessfulwirefur-stir
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He was stunned – the stranger in front of him looked exactly like the girl he’d been dreaming about.  The dream had been bothering for some time no, not knowing what it was warning him about.
“Good morning,”she said.  “Lovely weather we are having today.”
Still a bit in surprise,  David was stumbling over his words.
“Yes, ..  It’s a …  happy morning.”
She smiled and David felt like an idiot.   But she didn’t really seem to care.
“I guess, your attempt to keep them in wasn’t all that successful.”
David looked at his hands, holding the wire he was trying to mount on the fence.  Wait, how did she know he was trying to keep the horses in and that it  wasn’t successful?
“No, they don’t seem to want to stay in this paddock.”  He put his things on the floor and stood up, to look at her at eye level.
“They didn’t have a problem at our previous home.  But for some reason, these fellas rather end up at my home, when I’m not here.”
She looked at him with a serious face.
“They are very loyal animals, they might just miss you being around.”
David felt like laughing, but seeing her face, he didn’t dare to. She put out her hand, and soon one of his horses put his nose against that hand.  Weird, they usually where rather drawn back when strangers where around.
“You are loved very much aren’t you.”  Talking to the horse, she seemed silly but Jack seemed to answer her back by neighing (not sure about this word).
“I can see, your fur is very beautiful and you seem to glow with happiness.”  Jack nodded and then went back to grazing around.  Davids jaw was open.  He was so surprised by what he just saw.  It was as if they actually had a real conversation.  He shook his head, he knew better.
“Euhm, my name is David, and that was,…”
“Jack, …  My name is Emmeraldine Dickinson.  I live next door.”
David looked bewildered, but shook her hand.
“I, …  Havn’t seen you around.”
David uttered.
“No, you haven’t, I have been Ill for quit a long time.  I have been looking out from my window, and always saw you working with these horses.  I just really wanted to come and say hi.”
David din’t really know how to respond.  But as she looked up at him, there was something in her eyes, that gave his heart a stir.