Fools challenge 12/15

10322636_10203845125989958_5955401571515782733_nWhen I first came out of the hospital seven years ago, we accepted a lively and loyal new friend in our home.  Obi, our Malinois has been there for me in countless of times, ever since.  He has been taking care of me and my children for all these years.  He is part of our family.
When I’d faint, he’d wake me, when I feel bad, he comforts me and when I feel scared, he protects me.
All of those thing came instinctive. No one thought him how to do stuff like that.  Now that he’s not feeling well, I am worrying as if I’d worry for my children.  I cry thinking he might not always be here for us.

This may sound funny to who’m ever does not have a best friend pet,  but to me he’s gotten me though some depressing times.

My challenge today, is one with him in my mind.
Write a 500 words story, with a pet as narrative.

Happy writing!