Fools challenge 13/15

The countdown has started!  Year 35 is just around my corner.  As april is coming to a close, new things are already marked on the calendar. It’s been busy enough and there is no end in sight!

Appointments, events, holidays, it’s all written down or memorized.  How do you not forget days, that have some or other importance?  I have an agenda, but I rarely use it.  I have a blackboard, that is filled with notes and dates. There is my computer, that seems so be telling me more things to remember every day,…

  Think about how your characters in your writings remember important and less important things.  Maybe they need to be reminded of the less important things as well?How do they remember?  How do they make themselves remember.

Challenge: Think about all things to remember and how to remember. Remind yourself that there is more to a character than a name and a job!