Dear you,

Days are moving by so fast. April is almost at an end and I’ve got the feeling, it’s going too fast.   Well, next week I’m turning 35.  And it might be that I just don’t want to grow any older, but I can’t believe my birthday is almost there again!
Nothing we can do about it, so no time moping around about it.  I dressed up today, trying to make myself feel a little better.  And I did.

No idea if it was the compliments I got or the feeling I have about myself, while looking in the mirror, but it changed my mood.  It’s not something I will do on every day (I don’t have the time), but I am glad I did today.  It made a bad day (after a horrible night) feel a lot more sunny?  The smiling went more natural, I guess.


It’s funny how different I am and look from say 10 years ago.  I feel different too.  Ok, I do have two kids and my health now, but that’s not what I mean.  I am, although my figure, much more happy about, who I am and what whom I try to be.
Age and wisdom go together they say, but that’s not a given. I believe I am more engaged with making the best out of everything.  Although it may suck big time.

I like being a mom, no matter how tired  I am, it’s very accomplishing.  I love being my boyfriends girl.  It’s very loving.  And I love being depended on by the people at my volunteer job.  It’s very rewarding!

Good for me!

I hope I will feel this good about my life in 35 years time 😉




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