14/15 April Fools Challenge

Have you ever been to the sea and sat down, to feel utterly in peace?  Have you watched your children playing and suddenly notice yourself smiling like an idiot?  Have you ever been on a walk and felt like everything will just turn out fine?

I have had moments like these throughout my life.  I have tried to recreate these moments by visiting the scene again.  Some places do seems to have a more peaceful effect on me.  While others seem to make me angry just thinking about them.

By thinking about how we feel, I think we can learn to understand our characters even better.  So use this moment to think about your own feelings and experiences and maybe later, see if you can use any of those in writing!

The challenge: Write down something personal about these places!

a library
an empty church
On a rock at the sea
At a bridge
In a park
in traffic
in a big city
at a train station
on a back road