April fools challenge recap

April was very busy.  And maybe we didn’t get as much to writing as we’d like to.  Here’s a recap of our Fools challenges, to give you some inspiration.

  1. use the word ‘first‘ in the back of your mind while writing during five minutes.
  2. Pranks! some like it some don’t.  How do you feel about them?   Show with words, pictures or art!
  3. Synonyms of fool : describe a person or character and use at least three of these.
  4. Camp nano challenge: write 1200 words, use during that time the words fool, fools or foolish.  Post you first and last sentence.
  5. There is not enough laughter in the world.  What can we do? Post something humorous or write something funny!
  6. what are things you or your character is happy and guilty about at the same time?
  7. The challenge is about the number four! Write during 4 minutes. Write 4 sentences, Use 4 words to describe your day,… Search four quotes about time
  8. Draw six circles on a page.  Each is represents a different feeling., Write under the first normal, second joy, third fear, forth is sadness, fifth will be surprise, last write anger.Now take this to a mirror.  Look at your face while producing facial expressions for each of these words.Draw the special features.  Look closely at the lines in your face, your eyebrows, the way, you tilt your head,….  Use this paper, when writing or explaining a facial expression or feeling.
  9. Stop and listen to the music!  I’ mean it.  Stop whatever you are doing for 2 minutes, close your eyes and listen.  What sounds do you hear, what don’t you hear.  Can you use this in anything you are writing, drawing,…
  10. Lots of rainy days.  Write one sentence about this picture.
  11. The challenge: make a list of reactions you could expect when you feel like loosing control.
  12. Write a 500 words story, with a pet as narrative.
  13. Think about all things to remember and how to remember. Remind yourself that there is more to a character than a name and a job!
  14. Write down something personal about these places!
  15. Write during five minutes. Use the last word that you have written, as the first word, for a second time of sprinting.  A third attempt at five minutes of writing, needs another challenge.  So use the last word of the previous page as your first word this time around.