Packing my tent but not my story

Camp NaNoWriMo is over!  We ran the course and finished holding our hands  and pens up high.
I reached my goal, and a bit more.  But what happened to the story I was writing?

My story is about a world where people are sold to a flying dome, for medicine and technology.  My MC is a survivor, escapee of such a dome.
I started with the escape, but what did I gain?

1) I have established a past.  My MC has a family, an education, before the big event.

2) I have written in more detail what has happened to my MC when she was gone (right before the event).  I have figured out some of the results of her stay on Sky Dome and am realizing that it’s just the tip of a dangerous iceberg.

3) My MC is forging a relationship with her one big love and slowly trying to figure out who to trust.

It’s still not a readable story yet.  It’s scenes and bits and peaces.  But those where enough to get me a total of 23,230 words at the end of Camp. Camp is over, but I am obviously not cause, I have written some 500 words in the past hour.  (between a diaper change and feeding time)

 I’m happy that this is going well and I’ll keep you updated on my writing .