May challenges 1/4

A story needs to be build.  Brick by brick.  Word by word.

There  are many templates, that helps you to form a story.
It goes something like:

  • normal life
  • something happens that changes everything
  • a problem is presented
  • it get’s worse
  • it get’s worse
  • it get’s worse
  • and worse
  • and then something get’s better or solved
  • and  we should learn something at the end of the story


I was thinking how horrible can things get?  Do you ever think about what you make your characters go through?  Are you horrible and cruel to them?  Or are you the kind that does not put anything on their plate, that they can’t handle?


Can you suddenly think up some story by using the template?

I gave it a go!

normal life : girl, 18 y, lives with mom.  doesn’t know dad, school and music are important
event: mom dies, leaves her on her own
problem: how to live now, on her own, letter mom about father
worse: house is not paid, needs to leave, needs money and job, friends grow slim
worse: doesn’t get paid much, didn’t finish school, search for father with letter mom
worse: people she doesn’t know are coming after her
solving: runs away with bf, get’s married, changes name; dad was mobster
lesson: you don’t want all answers to be answered, be prepared for what’s to come ??? Being normal and having one to count on, is worth more than a lot of friends who don’t recognize you when you change a bit!