What’s happening?

I have been really out of air and time lately and although, the busy life ain’t over, I feel like trying to put some things together.  I am saying hello, by adding this diary like entry, to show you that I’m heading back to writing soon.

Well honestly I’ve joined another Camp NaNoWriMo.  But the goal is 10 K, just to make sure, I’m able to finish.  So here’s what I’ve been up to today:

The summer vacation has started and we have been busy (again.)
Friday we have a wedding to attend.  So I tried some artwork with their chosen present.    I’ve folded a house and a dog and arranged some coins into flowers and other things.  It took me longer as I thought it would, But it looks alright for money.  (I hate giving it as a present)


And soon  it’s my kids’s birthday party.  Eleanor turned 1, two weeks ago.  Dietmar will be 4 at the end of this month.  So I decided, like I do each year to make them a crown.  I might still add some things, but it’s alright for a start.  I had made her a small one already, but the dog actually ate it.  (I cried)13509092_10209867045654186_6166218673014880105_n

I am no artist but, I can be happy with the results I produce together with my kids, because I’m not an artist 🙂

Tomorrow it’s back to work, before I have three weeks of vacation from that volunteer-job.  With the kids at home from school, I’ll have to entertain them a lot!  So more projects will be coming.

I hope to make some new writeliftings soon.  Look forward to it as I am slowly, coming back to my storybook!