Moms and dads having kids, can probably relate to this:

I sometimes just want to step outside, close the door and scream!  I truly love my critters.  Sometimes however they can truly become monsters, preferably when they become tired.  It’s like I can see them morph in some Power Ranger beast that enjoys me feeling horrible.

Don’t get me wrong they can be angels too.  But being with them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, I don’t know.  Maybe I’ve become nuts?  I would be happy if they just sleep through the night.  I’m questioning if they have this system where they tell each other: it’s your time to scream and shout mommy awake.

Today we have a wedding and I’ll be trying to make myself presentable.  I’ll let you know, how that went.  The kids will be going to the grandparents for a night. (the 3th time since Eleanor was born)  First however I need to bring my son to swim practice and by flowers for the bride.

See you laters,…