Games, Cake and presents

You might have guest it, we had a birthday party. DSCN1188
I made a jeu de boule game out of balloons, filled with sand.  Had funny hads and a boardgame we made called fast race.  Nothing spectacular, but they enjoyed it and it did not cost me extra.

It was a nice but hot afternoon. Both loved their home made crowns and the cakes.

I can’t believe they have grown this much in the last year.  Everything has gone by so much, I kinda want to say, I want my little baby’s back.  It is a rollercoaster of emotions everyday, but when I see them,…  It’s totally worth it.

Summer holiday is allmost halfway and I feel like we have done a lot with our kids.  However we’ve got more planned.  The sea, the zoo and a birthday outing chosen by our son are still to come.

BTW I am still working on my Camp NaNo project.  It’s in need of 2000 words more before I reach my goal.  I will be happy if I am able to get that done on top of everything else.

That’s about all I can journal about.  See you soon!