Writelifting Sep 4

Writelifting is the writing of a partial or whole story, using five given, random words and a random first sentence.  You write as long as you feel the need, or you have used all of the words.

words to use: alienate, exile, heartless, sticky, central
first sentence:I’m sorry I’ve got your pants.

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“I’m sorry, I’ve got your pants.”  My voice still sounds husky and I’m feeling rather uncomfortable.  I had never done a thing like this before.  And now I feel a ashamed.  I shouldn’t, I’m old enough and not in a relationship, but,…  I look up when I don’t get a direct reaction.
His look and that smile, make me feel warm again.  That was the reason I came with him in the first place.
“Thanks, love.”  He sounds as hot as I felt just half an hour ago.
I hand over the pants and his wallet falls out.  It hits the bed and falls open.
In plain sight there is a Central  Police Badge.  It takes me back, I feel a whole different kind of uncomfortable. Central Police means trouble to an exile like me,…
He however acts like nothing is going on.
I keep getting dressed, feeling the need somehow, to run from this room.
Before I get a chance to wear my shirt, he pulls it out of my hands.
“You can’t wear it like that, it’s still sticky from the spilled drink.”  I shake my head.  “It’s not like I have anything else.”
He hands me his shirt and I hesitate long enough for him to pull it over my head and dress me like a child.
When done, he kisses me, softly.  And at that moment I feel conflicted and heartless.  It’s like with every sweet and caring gesture he is trying to alienate me from myself.
He looks at me, trying to gouge me.
“What’s wrong?  Am I doing something wrong?  I mean it was kind of sudden and,…”  The blabbering isn’t able to hide his disappointment.  I giggle by the sight.  “No, it’s not that, I’m sorry I didn’t mean,…