Sep. What if Recap

What did we think about this month?  For those who just checked in.  Here’s a recap:

Do you ever think, what if?  I know I do.
That’s why I thought it would be another good challenge for me to tackle.
The mission: Think about the what if, let your imagination run free and write a situation about it.
Are your ideas different from mine, or are they alike?

What if our emotions were removed.

  • would there be no more war
  • would I still have my kids
  • would I be given a job instead of me choosing one?
  • would it be easier to accept misfortune
  • would making decisions be more logic
  • would we be given a partner or would we still choose one
  • would you live life to the fullest?
  • not sure there would be jobs, as people wouldn’t care about going in?
  • life would be very dreary for sure. our emotions are what make things great/sad/happy/meaningful.
  • would things be more routine based?
  • would there be wealth?
  • would we decorate our homes?
  • would there be music? art? creativity?
  • would technology progress?
  • do emotions get in the way of duty?
  •  is there someone who tells others what to do/ how would countries be run?
  • Hunger isn’t an emotion, so would we want to fulfill that need?
  • Maybe there is someone who needs emotions to rule?

2. What if  you had an idea that would change the world?

  • what would it be
  • would it be lucrative
  • would I feel proud
  • Will I be able to be recognised
  • would the world be happy about it
  • what would change
  • would you always try to better the idea
  • would you ask for help
  • what would it be made of?
  • what would it do?
  • who would it affect?

3. What if the world punished those who write.

  • Would you still write
  • would you do it in secret
  • what would be the punishment
  • Why would you be punished
  • How would people be checked for writing

4. What if I’d wake up in the past?

  • would I remember what’s going to happen
  • would I be like an alien
  • would I find a way back
  • when would I wake up
  • would I be able to adapt