Wrimo @ work

Hey, Novembre is racing at us.
Am I prepared?

Yes, I have about 32 thousand words written in preparation.  That means ideas, maps, questions, backgrounds, rules,…  and so much more.  (I’m dizzy just thinking about it.)

I feel sky-dome-2this story has been living inside me for such a long time. And yet,  there is a struggle because I definitely haven’t figured out everything .

It’s like I’m preparing to write the first infusion of this story.  This will be about the romance.  I’ll probably  need  another year for the second infusion, about the action and then the mystery, .and then …   Well, you get my drift.

So what can I tell you?  A lot and probably nothing much.  My seas are getting names now, and most places are being mapped out more detailed.  The only things to carefully think about is clothing and coloring.

OK, I’m going really far even for me.  But it’s true I have been living this story for so long that I can see my MC sitting in the sofa next to me.  (could be the lack of sleep.  Horrible thinking that Nano is still to come).

I was wondering how you guys are doing.  Are you a pantser or a planner?  Let me know, how you prepare.



  1. I’m a pantser. I try to plan but doesn’t ever work out. It’s all in my noggin, I jot down ideas and notes maybe a couple of lines of a scene that comes to my brain. I found a character sheet template that I may try. Still it’s coming on so fast!


    • deniseclaas

      It sure is amazing how time is flying, Craziiauthor.
      Love your name! It does Fit the whole NaNo Experience.
      I find it marvelous and unconceivable (a little like magic), how someone can do 50 K in one month without prep on paper. I can’t see myself do it, but that might be because I have a tendency to forget everything,… If I had a hat on, I would lift it each time I met a pantser.
      Anyway, I hope the character sheet works out, let me know if it does.
      Good luck and happy writing!

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