Wrimo @ Work


Today I would like to talk about making maps.
And that’s about all I can say about it.  I got the idea from the planning event that was hosted by the mad people @Wrimoverse.  So One evening when the kids went to bed, my boyfriend was looking at his series and the dog was snoring in the sofa, I got to work.

Map (2).jpgIt took me two attempts to get completely bonkers.  I guess I have no idea what I’m doing. And I’m annoyed by the lack of an undo button.  But,… I got something done and it helped me to get names and places made into a vivid picture.

If however you think that my world will no longer change, you are wrong.  I am indeed a planner, but my characters still have a mind of their own and sometimes things just,….  change?  I know the story is still growing like a little baby.  Oh, no, I’m pregnant again!  Yes with a lovely and mind blowing story.  (Pfff)

So why did I redo it?  Well I was thinking about clothing, googling away, while suddenly I thought : not every place has the same weather, so you’d need different kind of clothes.  Duh, you’d say, but it just came to mind after freakishly many hours of preparation. I only now, thought it might be of importance. So I went back to the drawing board for a full blown, ever growing map!

Think I’m being an idiot?  Too silly, bonkers,…  Yup you’d probably be right.  But I’m a Wrimo, so what did you expect?

I really wanted to ask all of you if you make maps, and how are you at building it?

Happy writing (prepping)

Love Denise