Dear reader


I haven’t been hiding.  No, I have been really busy,  my kids haven’t been sleeping well.  And to top it off, yesterday during my class (I teach introduction to digital photography for starters)  I fell.  My legs couldn’t hold me and my back,… Driving to my sons school, to pick him up was actually me in tears and I was glad when my mom said she’d drive me home, when I was picking up my daughter at their house.

img_8824-2The grandparent came through for me again, because my son could sleep at their place and Eleanor, well she has finally decided to sleep until morning.
But I am afraid the stress has come back to bite me.

Stress?  Yes, it has been really stressful the past month.  A lot of stuff happened all at once and I have been trying to be a good daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, daughter in law, mother, ….  I can keep going, but honestly in those moment I do forget my limits.

People often tell me to try and surpass my limits, but when the effect can be really painful, and have a big impact on everyone in my family, I rather prefer being cautious.  I wasn’t so,.. now I am feeling the consequences.

And yes, I did not forget that November 1st is coming up!!!!!!  Sigh,…  I am cutting down on my volunteer hours, my boyfriend is at home until next wednesday and although my son is home from school, my parents and sister are coming to help me out.  I have some amazing people I can count on when things are rough.

So why am I boring you with all these details?  

I was thinking about my upcoming project.  Realizing, again that my MC is not a super woman.  Just like me (although my kids might disagree).  I was reminded that even heroes, have limits.  But they also have someone to count on, when the going get’s tough.

It is important for me and my process (writing as well as rehabilitation), that I use the things I know to write.  Not only do I want to use my own feelings, but in the meantime, I think about how I want to have reacted and how I do react.  I learn so much from daily life for my writing and from my writing for my daily life (I am not finding the right words here, I hope you understand).

Even when I’m 35 years old and suppose to be an adult and be responsible and have some answers, I find that I am, teaching myself things I thought were obvious.  I will take this lesson even a step further and teach my own son about this one day.  And hope he will be less burdened with life than I was, because of it.

Hope to write more soon, I will be keeping you up to date on my project!

Love Denise