Wrimo @ work

We are now 10 days into Novembre.  I have been writing like crazy.  Thinking and planning and realizing I have not enough energy to do all of this in one day.

Saying all that means NaNoWriMo is driving through my life at full pace again.  I do love it.  Not only do I get encouragement to write, I get to talk to so many different people, who love writing ( hihi ).  I’ve met people from over the world thanks to the sweet and crazy people who organised the wrimoverse cruise.  But I also get to procrastinate on doing laundry.

Of course there’s more to Nano, not only is there a community, there are words, sky-dome-2
many of them.  On this day I have started writing with a total amount of 31068 words.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment.  🙂  I am so thrilled about how smooth the writing is going, the question is of course, will I be able to keep going?

It has been tough on my body however.  My back has been strained, from teaching in a wrong position (on my knees, silly me) and writing is getting harder and harder.  It’s not the end of me.  I have a hot water bottle, tea and a loving boyfriend helping me out as much as they can.

Now more on the story I am writing.  I really like it.  There is depth to it.  There will be a lot of work to be done after finishing, but I am proud of this one.  And by proud I mean, jumping up and down enthusiastic.  So that’s a good sign isn’t it?

I will leave you with this question: How are you doing?