Ending 2016

It’s been a while, again.
I wanted to tell you what is going on in my life.  (If you rather skip the rambling, my wishes for you all are on the bottom of this post!)

1) Nanowrimo (img_8940thank you Elyndra for my new bracelet)
I finished November with a total surpassing the 70 K mark.  It made me very happy!  However in the last week of November I just wanted a break from my story.  I had written a lot and I had no clue what next.  So I shoved it in the fridge to simmer for a while.
And I started something new (old).  I had some ideas lingering about and I picked it up again.  It’s fun, different and slow.

2) Health
I had an operation.  It was very sudden, nothing life threatening, but invasive on my brain functions.  No, I didn’t get brain surgery, I mean I’m  having a hard time thinking and writing.  Because of the pain, I am more tired and because of the wound I can’t pick up my kids.  It’ an emotional journey,.. again.  But as usual I’m documenting it all on paper.  You never know when this experience might become useful.  (please someone, tell me this is me not going mental)

3) Christmas and new year
img_8937As much as I love the tree and the cards, I hate the fake gestures and the way too many diner parties.  Doesn’t mean I don’t try do make it special.  We beautified our tree together, and I put in a selfmade ornament of my children.  (from each year 1).  We made cards and I kept the message on them short.  (Be happy!)  I had some other traditions I wanted to keep, but with me being out of it, it’s gonna be an improvised Christmas  (like Eleanor’s new years letters in the picture)


I hope to be back soon with more loving and writing stuff!  But until then:

I wish you may be happy, and bright as the moon.
Because some of these moments, will be over too soon!

Enjoy the end of 2016!

Love Denise aka Paddewan!