Word tasting

Have you ever thought about what it is to communicate?
Observing not only what is told or written?
In the next couple of days I will post small steps of communicating.  I will challenge you to pauze and analyse, for just a minute or two.

Step one: read an article, a letter or a mail.  Pick up the first one you see, choose a paragraph and  read.  Write down two or three words that come to mind, what is the author trying to tell you.

Step two: Now read the same paragraph. Not only the words that are written.  But the intentions, the feelings behind those words.  Notice every komma. Believe, every word is well chosen. Let them simmer in your brain and taste it as you’d do a refined wine.  Is the meaning still the one you wrote down at first, or do the feelings, intentions change?

Step three: If you have the time, try writing the same message, but change the intention.  Make the reader feel different after reading the same message.  And is the message still the same?


I would love to hear what you make of it.