Hear and listen

Week two of thinking about communication.  How did the written word fair you?
Today I challenge you to think about the spoken word.


Step one: On you next phone call, notice how you speak, do you still use hand gestures?  Is your voice different?  What do you notice about the person on the other side?  Write down what you’ve noticed after the call, what were the feelings of the other person?  Did you understand one and other, how did it make you feel?

On a phone it is more difficult to check the sincerity of the person on the other side of the conversation.  The reason for that is we can not check body-language and compare it to the spoken words.  We only have one of our senses that can help us out in communication.
That’s why it’s important to listen to the words not spoken and if needed to ask more questions.  You need to use your brain!

Step two:  When in a different room, try to speak to another person.  Make them look for something or explain a picture that is in front of you.  Use your words, intonation and check if you come across the way you want.  If not think about what went wrong and how you could have done it differently.

Step three: If we write, our audience is blind.  They are on the other side of a book.  So we need to pick our words, to make sure the message is well brought.  Not only the words are important but the way we write them. It can make an emotion or an intonation if you like, help your audience see what you want them to see.  So for ten minutes, write as if your eyes are closed.  Use all of your senses and describe what you feel, hear, smell.  Make someone understand how the silence makes you feel.

What are your thoughts on this?  I’d love to know.


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