Medals and bling, does not make a thing!

I had a meaningful conversation with someone working at a library, the other day.
We were talking about jobs and hobbies, life at home.

When writing came up this is what happened:

Lib: “So you write?”
Me: “Oh, yeah I love it.  I have been a writer for many a year now.”
Lib: “How many published works do you have?”
Me: “….  None.”
Lib: “Oh, I thought because you said writer, you would have your work published.”
Me:” I thought writer meant, someone who is writing.”
Lib:”I guess we differ in that perspective.”
Lib:” ….”
Me:” I don’t understand.  Wait, let me explain.  Do you have children?”
Lib:” Yes, I have two girls.”
Me:”Oh, lovely.  Do they play sports?”
Lib:” Yes, they are gymnasts,….”

Do you feel me coming,….? I’m horrible I know.

Me:”Oh, how many medals did they win?”
Lib:”…  None,…”
Me:”Then what makes them gymnasts?”
Lib:”…They practice gymnastics.”
Me: “Is a baker only a baker because he sells his bread.  Is a painter only a painter when he’s famous.  Is an actor only an actor when he is in a movie,…..?”

Luckily I was not yelled at.  She seemed to understand that I meant no harm. But I came to understand, that I do not like to be looked down on, just because my work is not for sale.