About Murphy

I apologize to all the Murphy’s in the world!  If you are not this person I’m describing and are feeling hurt by any of my words, please do note, that it is not my intention to harm you in any way.

I had a visit from Murphy again.
I was talking about him yesterday with a dear friend of mine.
She reminded me that I should be careful.  (she is smart)
So I blame myself for it.  But yeah, … he’s back.
If you are guessing, that I do not like Murphy,… then  you are damn right. You see, Murphy is a stalker, with a tendency to kick people when they are down.
Oh, I see, you have already met!
Good,…  I won’t have to warn you then.

I think this Murphy person must be some kind of a wizard. An evil one.
Yeah,…  he magically makes a beautiful day, turn in a series of horrible events.  Who else can do that?

I’m wondering if he changes?  You know,.. like Clark Kent.  If he secretly is wearing a cape and a fitting gymnastics suit?    To add some flair or to be in character when he  makes hell drop down on me.
At least I could make fun of him then.
But he must be in camouflage,  .. or stealth mode.
I’ve never really seen him coming. nor hover around.  But he’s there, of that I’m sure.

You think he’s got a family?  The Murphy family.  Maybe they own a family business?  From a young age they learn how to bring bad luck to people.  The might teach: How to make someone feel even worse 101.
I can see rows of Murphy’s sitting in a classroom for a lecture of mister Murphy.  Nothing would go right of course.

What to call this Murphy clan.    Pranksters?  I don’t know if I’d call them that.  They are worse.  They are a like the Imbruglia song: isn’t it ironic.  Note to myself  check the author, he could be a Murphy!