What’s a name or who’s the job?

I will be spouting nonsens, making up a figure.  Creating her I leave up to others:

She is wearing a narrow, night blue dress.  A pair of fitting, raffled, black pants.
her shawl is wrapped around her as a snake.  It feels like silk and has a light grey color.  Her hair is long but placed in a knot on top of her head and is staying there just because of a silver pin.  Her ears are pierced and a fragile looking earring is dangling down.  her eyes are almost covered by the bit of lose hair tucked behind her left ear.  Her right hand is protected by a leather glove.  Her fingers free from obstruction.  Her right wrist has a beautiful silver bracelet, some markings on the top.  On her hip rests a bag.  It’s colored in black, grey and blue and has a lock in the front.

What could be her name, what is her profession, how old is she, what does she love, what does she dislike?




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