Why mornings are rarely easy

The light is still dim when I wake up.  The sounds of one of the children is making sure I don’t fall back asleep.  Next to me, snoring away, is the warmth of my sleeping boyfriend.
I dread having to get up.
Turning on my left side, rewards me with pain.  Lot’s of it.  Shoulders burning, ribs aching, my fingers stuck in the same position.
How I love a winters morning.
“Mommy, I’m need to go to the toilet!”
“Then go!”  I mumble to myself.  But I’m better than that.  Biting on my lower lip I give it another try.    A curse leaves my lips as soon as I stand.
“Come love, let’s get you to the toilet, before it’s too late.”  I raise my voice just enough for my son in the next room to hear.  He’s already waiting for me as I leave our room.
“Good morning mommy!”  His voice is too happy for my liking and it doesn’t fit his jumping body, keeping him from making his underwear and my floor wet.
“Yes, morning, now hurry, go go.”  He runs to the toilet and actually doesn’t need me to help him.  But, boys and their mommies.  I shake my head, when I hear Eleanor.  “Momma, Momma!”   Oh, yes, I think. There is number two.  Meanwhile the snoring hasn’t stopped.
“I’m done mommy!”
“Very well, hun.  You did good.  Can you dress yourself, so I can get your sister?”
My boy smiles brightly, nodding.  How do they manage to be so happy first thing in the morning?
I walk into my daughters room and greet the girl standing up in bed.  When she sees me she goes looking for her bear.
“Bear, bear.”  She says.  Yes we can’t go anywhere without that snow white bear.  I lift her up out of the bed.  And feel the pain in my arms.
I better be careful on the stairs.    Hugged by bear and daughter, brings a smile to my face.  It kinda fades when I see my boy waiting on the top of the stairs, holding his clothes in his hands.
“They are too cold mommy, can I put them on the radiator first.”
I don’t feel like that’s a battle worth while. “Sure hun.  Sit down.”   He does as I tell him and I sit next to him, still holding Eleanor.  The three of us go down the stairs, shuffling down each step. And when we come dzown both kids go quiet.  Like a silence before the storm.  And what a storm it was.
The first of the year and the first that Eleanor had ever seen.  Screams of excitement to my right. And from my lap I hear a  “Wow”.
There is one good thing about all the noise: boyfriend woke up.
You can guess what happened afterwards but just to make sure:


Happy snowday


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