Love, planes and kisses

Writing a story with five random words and a random first sentence to use:

He didn’t want to go out on such a night but he couldn’t help but feel haunt.  David hated the idea of Lea out, on her own.  She should know better than to leave the house without one of her guardians, by her side.
He blamed her father for raising such a naive girl, but he knew it was his fault she had left.
how-toIt wis his fail to make her understand he was her guard, not her lover.
While the rain made his hair stick to his head, he searched the whole town.  Shivering from the cold, he did not give up on his search, until, …
He found her, sitting in the window of a fancy restaurant.  A man sitting at her table, holding her hand.  Anger rose.
But there was nothing he could do.  He had made a promise not to interfere.  So at the other side of the street he stood guard.  Looking at her in anguish.   She knew he was here, she had felt him.  Half an hour passed, two hours passed,…  But still she made him suffer the cold and the rain.  How dare he refuse her kiss.
The clouds kept turning darker.  Thunder burst into the sky.  David had a bad feeling about this.  He didn’t want to go out at such a night.
And there he was. Looking in the eyes of the woman he loved.  Her kiss he had refused.  And now he stood there crying, knowing he would not be able to save her from the roaring  plane, crashing down on them.   If only they had more time,…

Please join in if you like!


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