Hot, heavy and Holy cra….

Words in bold and underlined are mandatory.  Here’s another new story:

This week’s random words are:

Sentence to use: She had to find the necklace, before he woke up.

Words to use: common – Babies – bruise – disarmed

She had to find the necklace, before he woke up.  Aneah, turned her head to the naked man on the bed. After waking up and scaring herself to death, she felt lucky the man was still asleep. Damn, how could she not even remember his name. Aneah took another glance. He looked really fine though.  She shook her head.  This was not the time to enjoy the muscular, tanned body lying naked on the bed.  How did she actually end up in this situation?  The young woman couldn’t remember.  But the stale taste in her mouth meant she drank too much. This was no common feature for her.  She usually did not drink.
Oh, no did she take her birth control pill?  Aneah felt sick by a sudden leap of fear.  Babies just didn’t fit in her life.  She had finally been cleared for fieldwork.  That was why she went to drink.  It should have been a celebration, but she ended up alone. But no person, object or disease, could keep her from This job.  She had worked so hard for this.  
She looked at the handsome man again. A memory of meeting him at the bar strolled in.  But before she could remember more, the man moved.  Aneah was startled and almost fell over. She held her breath.   

“Good morning love.  Are you already leaving?”  His deep voice, made her insides cringe.  He sounded so sexy.  Aneah turned. His eyes were still closed.  But a smile formed around his lips.  

how-to-3“Do,… do you know where my necklace is?”  She felt shy. After all that they had done last night, she felt shy?  The man chuckled.   Aneah had a hard time turning her eyes away when he stood up out of the bed.  Her head felt like spinning.  Was she still drunk?  
While he put on his pants, he left his upper body naked.  It made it impossible for Aneah to keep her mind at the job at hand.  As a woman with iron will, her reaction to him felt over the top.  She is not one to have raging hormones.   But at this moment it took most of her control to not pull the man back into the bed.  What the hell was wrong with her?
She lost track of what was going on and startled when he stood before her. He pulled her up from the floor, holding her necklace.  Aneah turned, compliant to his soft guidance.  His hands stroked her skin as he lifted the necklace over her head and lock it into place. It felt like electricity and she closed her eyes without realizing it.  He stroked her forehead.

“You seem lucky, it did not bruise.”  Aneah chocked a bit.  A prickling feeling at his touch, reminded her of the door he had hit her with.  It hadn’t been on purpose, but it had hurt.  Anger had made her want to shew him out.  However she was easily disarmed by his gentle touch and honest concern for her well being.   
That all led to this.  Her own body and mind had back stabbed her, into having a most passionate night with this hunk. He gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead and the tingling feeling, left her out of breath.  

Aneah remembered that she couldn’t have run out of the room fast enough.  Thinking she would never see the man again.  And now hoping she would never lose herself again.  Together with her new boss she walked into the office.  

“Congratulations on your promotion.  This is truly a glorious occasion.”  Her boss smiled, at her.

 “Your partner will be here soon.”  The graying man looked at her with a serious face.  

“He’s can seem cold and somewhat unsocial, but he’s one of the best on the force. So be patient with him.”  Aneah nodded.   

“Ah here he is.”  She turned to face the man walking into the office, but then her face paled.  He smiled, sticking out his hand. She recognized the gorgeous smile and tanned skin immediately.  

“I’m Dave Marcks your new partner.”  Oh, she thought, this was going to be hell!

I’d love to hear what you think and what you can write with these words.

Next weeks random words are:
Words to use :
cellar, different, token, historical, graceful
First sentence:
She had no intention of choosing sides

Good Luck



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