High society, cellar girl

Five words and a sentence to use.  This might be an interesting story to write some more about.  The task:
She had no intention of choosing sides
Cellar – different – graceful – historical – token

She had no intention of choosing sides. Dover was here to look at the fight. And she made sure to keep all options open.  The gym wasn’t rowdy, it wasn’t anything she was used to in the fighting matches, she’d seen up until now.

“Do you like it?”  Her uncle asked.

“It’s really civil isn’t it?”  Her uncle smiled, looking at her with peering interest.

“Well, these aren’t cellar fights.  These are official matches, so it’s suppose to be different.”  His attention returned to the match.

“But that doesn’t mean they are any less real.   If anything, I thought they were more intense.”  Dover looked at her uncle.

“Did you used to,…?”  The crowd applauded and with a chock she lifted her eyes back to the fight.  Dover was just in time to see one opponent hit the other in the face with a double faint and a high kick.  Dover didn’t find that combo so amazing.  She was looking at the man from the blue corner. He actually took the hit quite graceful. It was as if it didn’t even faze him.  Her eyes locked with his for just a second. But then he was back to fighting.

how-to-2“I want the one from the blue corner.”  Her uncle looked at her in disbelieve.

“He is losing you know.”  She nodded.

“I still want him.”  Her uncle grinned.  She was a smart girl.  
In the past two weeks, he had gotten to know his 18 year old niece.  Dover was nothing like the high society girls.  Instead, he had found her to be strong. She was a real fighter.  
He had found her on one of his searches down at the cellar level of this city.  He knew immediately, she was his niece.  Dover looked everything like her mother.  And was cursed with the character of his brother.  That hadn’t kept him from bringing her with him. He looked at the man she had chosen.

“OK, I’ll see to it.  Stay here, or I won’t be able to find you.”  Dover nodded, still looking at the  fight.

She had been running from one place to another.  Getting clothes, a haircut, a manicure and new shoes.  At last uncle had told her that she needed a fighter.  He told her it was important.  She hadn’t understood why, but he explained it grew historical.  Every woman needed a champion. It was like an investment, a token of your prestige.  And, he had added, they protected the ladies when not fighting.  That explained why she had seen a lot of women being followed around by a fighter.  Those fighters even had special uniforms.

Dover however, didn’t really need a protector.  She had been a fighter for many years herself.  A good one, well trained in all sorts of martial arts.   But the only interesting thing about high society, were these matches and the food.  Coming from the cellar levels of the city hunger was a big part of her life.  

The same background hadn’t made it easy finding a fighter.  No one wanted her to be his sponsor.  She wasn’t real high society, she was lifted here from the cellar levels and that made her something,…  unwanted.

Dover was hoping however this one would not say no.  There was something about this guy,…  He was interesting.  Excitement crept through her body, a grin on her face.  It would be fun training with this guy.

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next week’s random words are:
words to use: evanescent, royal, strong, bubble, group
First sentece: The urge to interrupt her before she had finished was overwhelming

Good luck!




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