Suddenly sick

The word bubble gave me a lot of trouble and I did not use it well.  But I present to you my next writelifting.

The urge to interrupt her before she had finished was overwhelming.  Reagan, however new better than to interrupt a lecture from professor Sage.  She would not forgive him for it, even when he had news about her royal brother.  He waited patiently next to the door, making the wall hold his weight.  The professor had a passion for her her work, that’s why her lectures always had high attendance.    But it might be the only thing she felt passion towards.  Reagan new all to well.  He didn’t feel like remembering their relationship.  He still loved her.  But it was too painful not to be loved back.   When he had ended the relationship she had only commented that everything was evanescent.  He hated her for that, although he knew she couldn’t be blamed.  It was who she was and she loved her for her rationality.  A sigh left his lips.  The lecture had ended and Reagan moved trough the group of students leaving the auditorium.  When she looked up at him, her eyes showed something that always threw him off guard.  It was the passion, she felt hot and he new very well that after a good lecture she was a fury in the bedroom. But that wasn’t love.  The pull of her lust however was strong and it took him a while to push his own down.

how-to-1“There was a call for you.  your brother is sending a car to pick you up.”  Her eyes stopped glittering. Feelings of disappointment and relief mingled.  Reagan let his hand move trough his hair.  It made him feel more composed.

“They will be here soon, so.”  She shook her head.

“I still have two lectures today, I won’t leave before they had finished.” Already packing her bags, she did not give him more attention, and it made him mad.

“Then you go tell that to them yourself.  Last time I checked I wasn’t your personal assistant.”  He turned around and walked off.

“I’m….  sorry,…”  He stopped, his mouth almost falling open.  Did she really just apologize?  An electric sensation went trough his hand as she took it.  He slowly turned around.  She looked up, pearls of sweat on her head.

“Lea?  Lea, what’s going on?”  She was shaking on her feet.  Her eyes seemed to beg for help.  He held her, an arm around her waist, making sure she would not fall.

“I,…  I can’t …”  Se felt so hot. Reagan, lifted her up.

“I’ll take you to a doctor.”  Her arms around his neck felt like burning.  He almost ran out the auditorium.  Students rushed out of the way, while he yelled to move.  Running towards the doors he could not see trough them.  Sunlight blinding him.  When he reached them,  he could no longer move.  It felt as if he was in a bubble of concrete. Men and women in black outfits, surrounded him, pulling Lea out of his arms.  He wanted to scream, to hold on to her, but Reagan couldn’t move an inch.  Only when the door closed and all of them where gone, was he able to take a breath, screaming her name.

I love to hear from you, or join me if you like.
X Denise X


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  1. mustachilofels

    Wow– I did the same exercise and completely different stories.

    I admit I had to read this a couple times but it’s definitely made me curious about what happens next!

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