The purge

The mission statement:

Use  as first sentece: She clung on to the piece of driftwood, praying for daylight

Use these words: Private – fangs – stupid – garment

She clung on to the piece of driftwood, praying for daylight.  Tere knew she should have listened to her father. He had told her to stay in, to keep the doors locked.  But when people in the streets were screaming, knocking on the door for help, she had not been able to follow her father’s words.  Tere couldn’t help herself listening to the woman and her children screaming for help and made the stupid decision to open the door.   It was too late. Creatures, once human, had already started feasting on their flesh.  The island was overrun by those creatures.  It felt like everyone she had known was now gone.  Tere’s body felt cold and she could not help but shiver.  Maybe it would be easier if she gave up.  Rogue

After running through the streets, Tere jumped into the ice cold water.  And although the creatures had not followed her here, they were still watching her.  How long was she to drift out here?  Would she drown or freeze, or been eaten by those,…
Something moved out on the docks, fear stopped her heart for an instant.  Where they finally coming for her?  The immobility caused by cold, was replaced by a different form of hold.   Something jumped from one boat to another.  Her mind screamed.  This were no human.  Tere could see the shadow move.  Another violent stroke of fear moved over her. She should have swam further out to sea.  But she was too tired to swim.  Maybe she should just let go and drown.  For a moment she thought about that option.  But the moment of deciding has gone and left, the shadow was upon her.  She felt like screaming, but all she could do was look up as he lifted her out of the water.  Underneath the hood he was wearing, she found the most caring, glittering blue eyes.  Those were in strong contrast with the sharp white scars crossing over his face.  She felt like laughing, but this was no laughing matter.  Her stupid behaviour had now left Tere in the hands of a,….. “Somnus!” His whisper makes her drowsy and soon sleep takes her prisoner.  

“So….  She doesn’t have any fangs?”  Colt looked at the sleeping lady on the table.
“No, no fangs, no  bite marks, seems to me she escaped the purge unscaved. Well, she might catch a pneumonia, but honestly who goes swimming in this weather?” Ruther is such an idiot sometimes. Colt looks around the room and then shouts out.
“Rie, did you find any garments there?”  From the shadow of the next room A tall dark looking girl steps through the door, holding a bunch of clothes in her arms.    “Yups and I even included these to cover her private parts.”  Rie held up two pieces of underwear and Colt blushed, making the scars on his face even more prominent.   Rie’s yellow eyes and beastlike features, scared many away.  But if anyone would examine her a little longer, they’s see a beautiful young woman.  She wasn’t like Colt. Except for the obvious differences in appearances, he was old at heart.  Upholding chivalry as a main guideline for his actions.  
A slight movement from the table led the Colt’s friends to leave the room.  Only when the lady on the table opened her eyes and sat up, did Colt move a little closer, past the circle of lemongrass, sea salt and lavender.
“Be careful, don’t fall down.”  She looked at him and as their eyes locked, it felt like time stood still again.