Reporting for trouble

Mission statement:

First sentece: Half the names on the list had already been crossed off.
Words to use:

  1. wave
  2. innate
  3. white
  4. discovery

Half the names on the list had already been crossed off. A wave of fatigue moved over Frea’s body.  While looking at the paper she sighs.  Uneasy she moves from one leg to the other.  Visiting the people on her list had seemed easier on foot.  Now she wasn’t all to sure.   Frea gazed at her self image in the car window and realized her neatly bound hair, is trying to rebel against her wishes.  Folding the paper and stuffing it in her bag, she makes her hands free to reapply the much needed pressure to subdue her hair.  Her blouse is ruined.  A spilled coffee had made sure of that.  But the blisters made her most uncomfortable. A payment for her walking all over town, visiting the people on her list.   But the story, once finished, would be worth it.
Reporting 4 troubleIt’s all for the glory, it’s all for the glory.” Frea repeated the words like a mantra.  True it would be one heck of a story, once she got all of the facts.  Yet, while buttoning her coat, she couldn’t help wish the investigation was already over.   Shaking her head, recharging her much needed motivation, she reopens the folded paper. Instead of going home and relaxing, her innate curiosity makes her look for the next person on the list. “Lucky.”  She whispered with played enthusiasm. He only lived two blocks away.  Taking out her smartphone, she looked at the almost empty street.  This would be the last one for today though.  It was getting far to dangerous walking out and about at night.  After putting the needed information in her gps function on her phone, she went on a brisk walk. Frea looked up to the sky and marveled at the beautiful colors of sunset.  What a nice day.  At the intersection she looks back, checking if any cars would suddenly drive into the street she was about to cross.  At first it didn’t really register.   But then she looked again.  A white sedan.  It was a nice car, otherwise it might not really have stuck into her mind.  But when she  the same car in a different street, she became alert. Her mind could be playing a very frightening trick on her, so she kept an eye on it in a shop window.  It was still there and unconsciously, her feet always moved faster.  The people in the car must have noticed her discovery.  In a flash the white sedan suddenly appeared in front of Frea and before her mind had even time to respond, two people snatch her from the street holding a cloth against her mouth so her shouts would be silenced.  Unable to move, Frea drops her phone and the only thing on her mind is: I wished I’d taken the car today.