Camp prep: prologue or not?

There is a lot of information for and against prologues.  I do however get the feeling, more are against it.  So I was wondering if the prologue I have written is really necessary.

Why use a prologue:Toprologueor not.png

  • To set a mood or tone for the book.
  • To hook interest, in order to pull the reader into the novel.
  • To establish a unique setting before the story really gets going
  • To introduce an element that you wrap up in the epilogue.
  • To recap events if the book is a series and the reader needs a reminder of events prior to this story.

Why not use a prologue:

  • Some say a majority of readers skip the prologue and a lot of editors don’t like them.
  • If  the information you are sharing in the prologue is not really necessarily told in a prelude. You could call it chapter one (ore include it in chapter one).
  • If it doesn’t attract the reader, it’s useless.  So is it interesting enough to keep your reader going?

The first scene of  chapter one in my H7even-project, describes the MC trying to escape a hotel room.  She had a celebratory party for her getting a new job.  The prologue discribes her at the job interview and tries to pronounce her motivation. I can’t shake the feeling this prologue might be really needed.  But I’m still doubting.   I’d love to hear your thoughts about the use of a prologue


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