W#2603: Heartbreak fury

His voice had never sounded so cold.  Emma dried her tears, unable to move.  Her legs trembling with a mix of fear, anger and disbelief.  Still not understanding what hBeautifulBonesad just played before her.  
Staring at the heavy wooden door he slammed in her face, made her stomach convulse.  Emma had honestly believed David asked her to meet.  Instead she had stood there
listening to his acidic words.    She had watched his sapphire blue eyes glow with anger and hate. And then she had felt him rip off her Moonsilver engagement ring.   The skin on her finger turned red from the force, but she felt only emptiness.  

Did she truly kiss another man?  No, she did not.  She had never even truly looked at another, so why did David presume she was lying?  If this is love, then she would have none of it.  The pain ripped her heart open and transformed the angelic woman.  Emma no longer existed.  The heartbroken creature with reddened eyes and long white hairs is now a killer fury.


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