W#0805 : Guarding the well


There was a legend about the well in the garden.  If you scream a name, three times down the well, that person will become trapped.  No one believes it except for Rainer.   Because he fell down the well at one point.  A beautiful man with long black hair, came to save him after four hours of crying.  The fear has never left him.  Even now, when he’s grown up and educated, he still can’t think about it, without shaking.

His friends started making fun of his fear in high school.  It made him want to leave and never come back, something he did, when old enough.

Now he’s standing in the kitchen, looking out at the well.  Rainer can’t stop feeling someone is still making fun of him now.

Yesterday, he was called about the death of his uncle, the last living family he had left.  It brought shivers up and down his spine.   He never wanted to come back, let alone inherit this house.  But here he is, handling the affairs and the preparations for the funeral.  It took him more than an hour by train to get here. And upon arrival it was clear the town hasn’t changed a bit, since he left for uni.  However a small town means everyone knows everyone.  And people recognized him as soon as he left the station.  That meant his old

friends would hear about him returning soon enough.  The knowledge they would be taunting him again, made him crabby.      If he wasn’t already by coming here.

Tired, he decided to leave the pondering and cowering for another day.  However, Rainer couldn’t find peace in his sleep.  He was haunted by nightmares of his time in the well.  soaked from sweat and screaming he woke up shivering in the sheet he slept with.  The room was clouded in darkness and a sweet smell filled the air.

“Bad dream?”  Rainer was taken aback.  But in the shimmer of the room he saw a man, with long black hair and a grin on his face.  As the man stands, Rainer remembers exactly who he is and he hasn’t aged a day since their last meeting.

“So, my boy.  You have finally returned to me.”  Rainer couldn’t move, captivated by the man, he stared at his face.

“You will take your place and from this day forward guard the well.  That was what you had promised to me when I saved you.  Until you die, I will no longer be alone.”


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