It’s been,…  busy.

I’ve been making a webpage and facebook page for the dog training school, my partner teaches at.  It took me a while because the knowledge I needed, was hiding way back in my brain.
We’ve been preparing for two new courses, I’m supposed to teach,…
I’ve been testing out for a once every two week, kind of job, with kids and new moms.  I graduated in that sector, so I’m happy, but it’s very,…  tiring too.
And not in the least : 36 walked trough the door and we celebrated with good food and loads of hugs and kisses.  The people I teach, got together and gave me flowers and I gave them yummy candy.  But it was a nice birthday.

My plans for the next months:
Writing a writelifting once a week  will be the most I can manage for some time.   But I will still share it, just because I can.

happy writing

Denise P. Claas


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