W#1505: The room between life and death.

The door was closed, and as I put my hand on the handle, I felt afraid of what we might find.  theTwelve of us where standing in this hallway, there was a sniper at work and on the street level, ambulances and even more police where waiting.  I can still remember the sounds and smells of those seconds before going in the appartement.  Finding this place had turned out hard enough, but knowing an arrogant serial killer is out here, …  I remembered my instructors words: “You are never prepared enough to see what is behind closed doors.”  Somehow I felt like he couldn’t have been more right than on that day.  However, it was still early a day and I had no idea what was to come.
as soon as the door was opened by the two up front, the whole building started shaking.  At least that’s what it felt like.  A burning sensation is the only thing I can remember before waking up in a small room.  There where no windows and the only light there was coming from an eerie machine in the corner of the room.  I looked around me , but couldn’t find an exit.  So I stepped closer to the machine and a voice sounded.
“Welcome to the boundary.  Please take a seat and let the machine judge your time.”
I looked around, trying to find a speaker, but none could be found.
“Welcome to the boundary.  Please take a seat and let the machine judge your time.”
Well, I guess you can imagine it didn’t take me long to sit down on the leather seat, that was build into the machine.  Two lights lit up and the voice sounded trough the room again.
“Place your hand on the handle in front of you.”
I grabbed the handle, not feeling like testing the voice a second time. That’s when a countdown started.  When the noise stopped, numbers appeared on a screen of the machine.  I had no idea what they ment. But the voice would soon tell me.
“You have time left and will be send back.  Thank you for visiting the boundary.”
After that, I woke up in a hospital bed.  My eyes were sore and pain gushed trough my body.  Later I was told that I had been in a coma for three days and that many of my colleagues had died of the blast coming from the opened door.  I was lucky, they said.  I had been saved they said.  I didn’t feel so lucky, it took me more than two years, before I stopped wishing I could go back to that room on the boundary.  It took me an other two years before I realized I could go back with someone who’s about to die.  I now understand those I used to hunt down and bring before justice.  I understand them well.
“Well shall we start your long awaited journey to the room on the boundary?”


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