W#1225: A moment of time

When he lifted his head, she barely recognized him for the bruises.   Half an hour ago, Narda received a phone call from the local police.  A man by the name of Stan Riker had named her as contact, when he was arrested earlier that day.  It had taken her a few moments of time.jpgseconds before recognizing the name.  Ever since she wonders why her a boyfriend from the past would state her as a contact.  Narda sat down at the table.  Looked up with all of the courage she could muster and firmly spoke.
He looked rather bored, for a man in his predicament.  And he refused to answer.  Narda waited for a moment longer, but unlike in the old days, her patience had a limit.
“If there is nothing else, I wish you well.”  Narda stands and starts walking away of the table.
“Narda!”  His low voice sounded commanding and it made her turn.  While doing it she felt irritated with herself for it.  But as he came back into view a copper coin hit her arm.  A hum filled her ears and the next moment, everyone around her was standing still.  All the guards, the people outside the door, they didn’t move an inch.  Narda made two steps backward and was about to seriously freak out, as a strong and big hand grabbed her hand.
“Stop freaking out I only have a short moment before it evaporates.” Narda looked as if she had just seen Santa clause and the grim reaper at once.
“Look Narda, I wanted to ask a favor of you, can you please take this coin and bring it to my brother?  He will know what that means.”  Narda doesn’t move as Stan places the coin into her hand.
“Please Narda, I have no one else to ask.  You know where he is, don’t you?”  Narda shook her head but soon stopped.
“You do.  He’s where we left him six years ago.”  Narda still frozen, noticed life, around her started moving again.  Anxious and confused she looks back at Stan.  His head is resting on the table.  An officer takes her by the arm, two other move towards him.  Late becomes clear that the man she had know just died.  Was everything she saw real, or just a dream?  Turning the copper coin in her hand, Narda wonders if she should look for his brother.



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