W#3056: Behind the shutters

He had an hour to get home. If he didn’t make it, he knew his guardian would be waiting at the door.  The vein on his forehead swollen and feeding the mans anger.  The duke isn’t a bad person, nor does he treat the boy in a bad way.  It’s just that he can’t stand promises being broken.  Darwin wouldn’t be at fault for being tardy, he would still get scolded and punished for breaking his promise to be home before supper.
Knowing this, Darwin had left the broken carriage to the Dukes men and ran as fast as he could.   In and out of one street after an other, Darwin was heavily breathing by the time the lordships townhouse came into view.
That’s when Darwin came to a full stop.
There are no words to describe the terror the boy felt in that cold moment.  He was about to lose everything for a second time as his house was on fire.  It took him a moment or two to realize what was happening, but then his feet took him closer to the house.  People were screaming, water was being hauled.  Someone pulled his arm and embraced him firmly.  Darwin knew someone was trying to comfort him, but all he could here is the fire burning.  His eyes are locked on one window.  The only window that wasn’t locked off with those white shutters.  It could be his imagination, but he could see a figure standing there, smiling back at him, with a bloody face.   Darwin tried to memorize every detail he could about that figure.  He stood there for three hours, crying, watching the house burn down.
After the heat of the fire had been quelled, Darwin felt cold.  Listening to the adults talking about him as if he was a curse, Darwin stood.  Remembering the promise the Duke had made him.  You will never need to find another family again.
“In the end, you didn’t keep your  promise.”  Dawin walked off, no one noticed him leaving and when they did, he was no where to be found.

Behind the shutters

Emily keeps running, lifting the dress up from the ground, she almost stumbles over the many layers of fabric.  But the sounds of the hunters, heading her way, makes her move


even faster.  Those people wanted her to marry that evil looking old fart.  Emily would never go back, now that she was finally freed from her mother, she was not going to give her everything to that ugly man.  No matter what it took Emily would stay out of his way and out of his bed.  But she was getting tired and her legs, arms and face hurt from the many scratches and bruises.   And finally her feet seemed to stop.  Fear darkened her heart and tears started blurring her view.  Until she saw him.  A man hidden by the forest, looking at him as if he had just seen a ghost.  Darwin couldn’t move a muscle until her tearful face cried out to him.  “Please help me!”  His legs moved to save her as his memory recognized the face from the fire.  They ran together stopping only in the darkness of caves.  But during this day and night, Darwin hadn’t said a word to her, he only watched her face.
“What?  What’s with that look? Is there something on my face?”  Darwin stood and started to walk out of the cave, checking if the coast is clear.  Emily stood and grabbed his hand.
“Please speak to me, please say something.” But his cold stare made her feel even more alone.  She let go, giving up on him. “Why would you run from a fancy house, a bed and a decent meal?”  Emily looked up at him in chock.  Those where his first words, his voice sounded hoarse and deep.  “Having a bed and a meal isn’t everything you know.”  He turned around.  “To many people it is.”  He walked out.  “Yes, but they have no idea what goes on behind those white shutters.” She almost yelled.  Making him stop.  Did she anger him?  He sighed and moved out.



  1. Wow, I just saw this and now I’ve got to go all the back and follow the rest of your posts!🙌🏽😂

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  2. Denise P. Claas

    Thank you for reading. I feel like blushing now.


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