W#1206: A desperate embrace

She took a deep breath and looked at her boss, before shaking her head.  “I can’t dance, I’m on the job.”  A smiling Randal, mirrors her movements.  “Of course you can. Your boss is asking you to dance.  How can you say no?”  Reeta, wanted nothing more than to squeeze his head, like a ripe pimple.  Randal was good to her.  He was a honest boss.  And no matter how much she wants to deny it, he was handsome.  But

Think Big- Going Beyond the Local Market.png

except for being her boss, he’s a man with many girls at call.  And above all, she really doesn’t have the time, to indulge him. It’s Reeta’s job to keep an eye on the client today.  She sighs, keeping her eyes cross the room.
“You pay me to work.  Not,… to dance.  I’m observing the client. Just like I’m supposed to do.” Now it’s his turn to sigh.  Randals lips turn to a sour face, but he gives.  “You’re right.  I apologize.  I,… it’s just,…  I don’t want to regret not asking you.” While pushing his lips together, still trying to smile he turns away to leave her side and head for the bar. Reeta’s eyes can’t help but follow him for a second, before returning to the client.  Taking in all the people in gorgeous outfits, she realizes, there’s no way she would fit in.  Her eyes revisit a man at the back of the room, wearing a coat over his suit.  That’s a bit strange.  Without second thought she moves her right wrist to he lips, trying to contact her colleagues.  The attempt fails when a thundering roar, makes the whole building shake.

A Bomb! It’s the first thing on her mind, when she tries to stand after being knocked out the window and on to the stargazing terras.  Dust moves all around her, making it hard to see.  Something sticky runs down her right cheek, and she’s astound to see the red liquid on her fingers.    The sounds of thundering dies down and the only thing left, is a high pitched sound in her ears.  Reeta looks at the scene inside, only to find parts of the ceiling on the floor.  People start crawling from the places they have landed and some try to stand up.  But what she saw most is bright red, it sticks out against the grey dust and black tuxedo’s.  Slowly moving her feet, Reeta walks back in to help the wounded and to look for her mark.  Only a few steps inside, a tear stops her in her tracks.  Another one, makes her shiver.    Unable to move, or stop her tears, she holds herself in a tight embrace.  She realizes  all too well, what this feeling is.  It’s,….  fear.  A sound mufffled from far away, wakes her up from this frightening slumber.  It takes her a few seconds two recognizes the sound of the panicked voice in her radio.  Randall is shouting her name, demanding that she answer him. A painful and hoarse voice, comes out. “I’m here.”  Realizing that she isn’t the only one to be safe, tears flow again.  “I’m here, I’ll be alright.” Her voice doesn’t give more than a whisper, but as if she called for him, their eyes meet.   And as he ran towards her, he still looked handsome and refined.  But the tear on his face and the relief in his eyes, made her heart jump.  When together Randall holds her close.  And while slowly putting her shaking hands on his back, Reeta can’t help but feel that, his embrace makes her feel alive!


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