Writelifting #1206: A desperate embrace

She took a deep breath and looked at her boss, before shaking her head.  “I can’t dance, I’m on the job.”  A smiling Randal, shakes his head.  “Of course you can, your boss is asking you to dance, how can you say no?”  Reeta, wanted nothing more than to squash his head, like a ripe pimple.  Randal was good to her, he was handsome, but

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he’s also her boss and a man with many girls at call.  And above all that, she really doesn’t have the time. It’s Reeta’s job to keep an eye on their client today.
“You pay me to work, not to dance.  I’m observing our client now, just like I’m supposed to do.” A sigh leaves his lips.  “You’re right,I apologize, it’s just,…  I don’t want to regret not asking you.”  He seems disappointed, while leaving her side to head for the bar.   Reeta is still lost in thought when her eyes move through the room.  So many people in gorgeous outfits,  there’s no way she would fit in.  Here eyes rest on a man at the back of the room.  He’s wearing a coat over his suit, that’s a bit strange.  Reeta, moves her right wrist to he lips, trying to contact her colleagues.  Her attempt fails when a thundering roar, makes the whole building shake.

A Bomb, it’s the first thing on her mind, when she tries to stand after being knocked out of the window on to the stargazing terras.  Dust moves around her, it’s hard to see.  Something sticky runs down her right cheek, and she’s astound to see the red liquid on her fingers.    The sounds of thundering dies down and the only thing left, is a high pitched sound in her ears.  She looks at the scene inside, parts of the ceiling came down, people are crawling, some try to stand up, many cry.  Reeta moves her left foot to walk back in and help the wounded as she looks for her mark.  A tear stops her in her tracks, another one, makes her shiver.    Reeta can’t seem to move, or stop her tears.  She’s,….  afraid.  It takes her a moment or two before she recognizes the sound of a panicked voice in her radio.  Randall is shouting her name, demanding that she answer him. A painful and hoarse voice, comes out. “I’m here.  I’ll be alright.”  Her eyes meet his, and for the first time in forever she doesn’t hide her tears, she doesn’t run.  His embrace makes her feel alive!