When Setting up goals.

Writers often set themselves high and difficult goals.  While I have no trouble with goals, it’s a big hurdle to see that deadline coming.  
Let me be clear.  I’m not a published author, no award winning writer.  
I am, however a person who needed to change her goals and expectations of life.moments of time

Failing is important too!

In stead of telling myself the house needs to be cleaned at the end of this week.  I say, I will put away laundry on Monday, I will vacuum the kids rooms on Tuesday, …
That means the house isn’t cleaned at the end of the week.  But I did do what I planned to do.  And, I’ve checked my limitations and boundaries.  If I haven’t done one thing from start to finish, that’s all right.  I’ve learn’t that it was too much and remember next time, when setting up my goals.

Set up a goal you can manage.

If you’d write 50 K, twelve months a year.  Like what you wrote, edit, handle the kids, the house and a job! I’ll happily call you a monster. No one (except you yourself) is expecting you to be perfect!

That being said. Failing isn’t fun.  That’s why you better be prepared to fail,….  and learn.  If you want to write every day.  It’s fine.  But don’t expect to have written 5 K every day.  If you write 2 words, …  it should be fine.  If you want to write every day, and set a pace.  Then choose a pace you will achieve even on your worst day of the week.   Like 300?

If writing everyday isn’t your thing, don’t do it.  Don’t pick a goal because someone else is doing it.  It isn’t a chore, it is your thing, your outlet, your place to travel to.
I write twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday.  Any other day is welcome, but I need to write on those days, when kids are not on my mind and everything else can be put aside, just for an hour or two.  So chose wisely, fail and try again.

A change of meal,….

If you are stuck, try something else.  I love dancing, but I can’t dance.  And that’s not true, I can dance, but it tires me out too much.  I won’t be able to do what I need to do after I’ve done it.  So I  leave the dancing for a day when I don’t have too many thing I still need to do. And I chose to do something else.

Same with writing.  If I’m stuck on a part,  I leave it and try to write something else.  Like an exercise or a poem, …  Anything that makes my mind stop doing what it was doing.  And get out of a whirlpool of negativity.

That’s it for now,

Happy writing