About me

It’s me


My writing name is Denise P. Claas.
Pencils tend to write fantasy and sci-fi when left in my hand.  Spiced with a delicious amount of romance, my writings are baked and left to rest.

Writing in my house means, hurdling two kids, a dog, a boyfriend and a low on energy health.  However, I do it every day, because I love it.

Want to know more: I am a writer, a mom, a volunteer, a patient, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a bad cook.  A mom for a second time, a dog owner, a manga reader, a reader, a teacher, a little scared, completely bonkers and very pleased to meet you!

Age: 36

Home: Belgium  (Flanders)

Do you have a comment/question? Yell my name,  turn around, click your heels, or just leave me a message!


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